Quake 3 Arena Free Alternatives? Xonotic, OpenArena, and Red Eclipse!

Quake 3 Arena Free Alternatives? Xonotic, OpenArena, and Red Eclipse!

16 września 2020 0 przez Birdman

Hey Hippogriffs! Do you remember having a great time playing Quake 3 Arena? And also don’t like the new Quake Champions? Are you looking for some old fashion shooters? Then check out 3 FREE alternatives to Quake 3 Arena!




Xonotic is one of my favorite Linux games, but it is also available for Windows, macOS, and FreeBSD. The title uses a modified Quake Engine called DarkPlaces and was initially created as a fork of the Nexuiz game. Currently, Xonotic is one of the finest Quake-like shooters, which is additionally packed with a huge number of game modes, a lot of possibilities to modify the client, or even the option of adding your own maps. Xonotic fans are even preparing maps from Quake 3 Arena and Unreal Tournament so that they can be added to the game.



You can play the singleplayer campaign with bots, you can play multiplayer with other players, and you can set up your server, add bots, and invite friends. I did it myself and taught my girlfriend how to kill bots 😉 The game is nice, dynamic, and free, so I strongly encourage you to play.


Xonotic is available on: Windows, Linux, macOS, and FreeBSD.

Link to the official website of the game: https://www.xonotic.org/




OpenArena was the first game I played ages ago when I put together my first Ubuntu computer. Although now I mostly play on Windows 10, I still remember this title. The game is available for free on Windows, Linux, and a whole spectrum of other OS. And I must admit that when it comes to the game experience itself, this is the title that most closely resembles the original Quake 3 Arena. Not only is it based on the Quake Engine (ioquake3), but it is also styled to feel like Quake, and of course there is an option to add maps from Q3A.



OpenArena is available on: Windows, Linux, macOS, Unix-like (ex. FreeBSD), AmigaOS 4, Ouya, Pandora, Android, BlackBerry 10, and iOS.

Link to the official website of the game: http://www.openarena.ws/smfnews.php


Red Eclipse v2.0.0 (Jupiter Edition)


Red Eclipse is the only title of the three that is available on the Steam platform. Like Xonotic and OpenArena, it is a free shooter that can be played in both singleplayer and multi, but the game is based on Tesseract and Cube Engine 2 (not Quake Engine). As a result, it is still a great shooter that we can play for free on Windows, Linux / BSD, or macOS. What distinguishes Red Eclipse from the other two is a very dynamic game with parkour elements, and a lot of mutators, that changes the game a bit (a bit like in Unreal Tournament 2004).





Red Eclipse is available on: Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, macOS, and Steam (including SteamOS).

Link to the official website of the game: https://www.redeclipse.net/