Sony WH-1000XM3 headphones – limited edition

Hey Hippogriffs! This time I will not write about books or games! I got the Sony WH-1000XM3 headphones – one of the top wireless headphones with active noise canceling. Besides, the model I received for testing was professionally painted by the team from AIMCONTROLLERS (who mainly modify controllers for PlayStation and Xbox).


Sony WH-1000XM3 headphones - limited edition


WH-1000XM3! Custom painted!


The first thing that catches your eye is the design of the headphones. Going to the store and buying the WH-1000XM3, we have a choice of 2 colors: black and silver, simple and elegant colors that go with virtually everything. What I got was by no means simple or ordinary. The unit I received was decorated using the hydrographic technique (at least this is what it looks like to me) and sparkling with brilliant red patterns. Thus, I can proudly say that the headphones you see here are not normally available for purchase in the store. You have to buy ordinary ones and pay someone to paint them for you.


Just looks at these photos:



The set also included a mouse with the same pattern (about it at the end of the text).


The most important function in WH-1000XM3 – active noise canceling


ANC (Active Noise Canceling) is a technology that gives us real and uninterrupted peace of mind! Blissful peace from that abnormal neighbor who comes back from work at 7 p.m. and starts to renovate the bathroom, from that old woman who screams into the phone as if the person on the other side is even deafer than she is, rest from the constant crying of the little baby on the floor above (yes, I really hate my neighbors).


Living in flats can be a torment. However, this is where noise-canceling comes in – we put on headphones, play a relaxing note, and it just works!


We can hear our quiet music, but we cannot hear our neighbors (unless the renovation guy doesn’t use more troublesome tools), so we can sit and – for example – write a blog. Nobody bothers us, and nothing distracts us! In the end, you can focus on what is currently to be done. For this feature, I really appreciate the WH-1000XM3.



The important thing – I’m not a technology blogger

If you are expecting some great comparisons, discussing every feature and technology, some arguments about the processor installed in this device, unfortunately, you will not find it here. Many technology bloggers have approached this device in a very interesting way, such as Christian Thomas from SOUNDGUYS (, or Scott Burnside AUDIOPHILE ON (, so if you want to read about the advanced features of this model, the links are next to the names of the website 😉
However! If you are interested in how to play and work with these headphones, read on:



Sony WH-1000XM3 – gaming and working


I wasn’t interested in using these headphones with a smartphone. Yes, I installed the app, paired my gear, listened to some music from Tida, watched YT, and played Cytus II. There was no problem with the connection, the touch panel on the side of the headphones is great, and the overall pleasure of playing games like Cytus II (here you have a review of the first Cytus) was really pleasurable.


And I had a lot of fun listening to the songs in 8D on them!

Yes, I know that 8D is only in name…




However, I use the headphones the most when writing, so I was most interested in how this equipment will work under Windows 10. There is no Win10 app for this device. Either we connect via cable or search for a device via BT in Windows. It went smoothly, ANC also works on PC, and it was really comfortable to work in them. They lie comfortably, do not hit the ears with bass while watching Netflix, and movies were really pleasant to listen to.



When it comes to games, when I started playing The Witcher 3 with the WH-1000XM3 on I hoped a little for a WOW effect, but unfortunately, nothing like that happened to me. The sounds of a sword fight, using Witcher powers, or the howling of the monsters, were very similar on the WH-1000XM3 and on gaming headphones for equal or less money. If someone asked me about any gaming headphones, I would rather go towards some Asus ROG, SteelSeries Arctis, or something like HyperX Cloud.


But the Sony WH-1000XM3 are not gaming headphones, their strengths are movies, music, and ANC, and in terms of these subjects, they perform perfectly. And while at work, with ANC turned on, you sit down, nothing bothers you, you can write, program, draw, whatever you want!


Living in a flat with super thin walls and really terrible neighbors, it has been a long time since I was as relaxed as with these headphones on.





+ great Active Noise Canceling – neighbors suddenly became less annoying
+ you can get addicted to listening to 8D music (and 9D and 10D and 16D and everything that is there on YouTube)



it’s a pity there is no app for Win10
“only” good, when we talk about gaming


I also got a gaming mouse with the same pattern as the headphones, the text is already being written about it, and it will appear on the blog very soon 🙂

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