When Sailor Moon meets Rambo – Magical Cannon Wars review

When Sailor Moon meets Rambo – Magical Cannon Wars review

2 September 2020 0 By Birdman

We’ve already played some music games, now it’s time for Magical Cannon Wars, a Japanese shooter from the subcategory danmaku / bullet hell / shoot ’em up or whatever they call it.


Magical Cannon Wars – the whole screen is your enemy


MCW is a representative of the Danmaku species (Japanese: “bullet curtain”). A kind of vertical shooter, where the screen is sometimes entirely covered with incoming missiles.


Danmaku is a genre that is easy to grasp the basics, difficult to perfect and devilishly addictive.


If anyone knows the Touhou series, the above translation is unnecessary. If this topic is strange to you, then it is best illustrated in the picture below.


danmaku bullet hell game


Let’s move on to the game itself


At the start, we see a magic girl, transforming like Sailor Moon. She puts on new clothes, a magic stick, and goes into battle!


Some weird owl shows up – and since Japanese is hard for me to read, let’s just call her Hedwig. The bird will talk to our heroine, there will be another big-eyed sorceress, she will also talk (conversations with these two characters will be repeated almost at every level) and we finally start the game.



Our task is quite simple – hit everything that moves and don’t get killed.


Video & Audio


As for the visuals – the average player who has not met with productions of this type before, will probably not be delighted, the game may seem ugly (how good that games are not judged by the graphics!) But when compared to other Danmaku it is quite good.


Opponents and Bosses (all humanoid opponents are women) are certainly not standard or boring. One throws donuts at us and flies on the rainbow, the other has a huge syringe, and another flies on a broomstick.


The sound setting is there and that’s it. Something will bang, knock when we destroy the opponent, simple melodies are playing in the background and that’s it.



Pew pew pew ~ ~ ~


However, the most important thing here is playability. The pleasure of avoiding all these projectiles, the elimination of endless hordes of large-eyed opponents, frustration when we fail to defeat the boss again, and even greater desire to destroy him in the next attempt.

All this makes it a great pleasure to play Magical Cannon Wars. It is a pity that it is so short because we can complete it in several minutes. Five short stages with bosses are definitely not enough, they make you want more.



Game Over!


The game reminded me of the good old Vanguard Ace. In which I played on Windows 95 and so far occupies a place of honor, among other games on the shelf.


And it has reawakened the vertical shooter phase in me, so I personally recommend the game and I’m going to play some other Danmak myself, maybe Touhou 🙂


The game is available through Google Play for 3.89 PLN and has a free version with ads.
Update: the game got a sequel called Magical Cannon Wars 2, but the free version of the first game disappeared from Google Play and the paid one was raised to 13 PLN! Dick move!