Fantastic Places and Where to Find Them: Valley of Mines

Fantastic Places and Where to Find Them: Valley of Mines

15 September 2020 0 By Birdman

Now nostalgia will hit hard! Valley of Mines is a location that appears in the first and second game from the Gothic saga, and also an expansion to Gothic II called Night of the Raven. Additionally Valley of Mines is also shown in the comic book “Gothic der comic”.


The valley is part of the island of Khorinis, belonging to the kingdom of Myrtana. It is also called a penal colony because in the first Gothic its population consisted mostly of prisoners and ex-convicts.


Gothic valley of mines map


During the devastating war between humans and orcs, the demand for magic ore, mined in the Valley of Mines, increased enormously. Thus, King Rhobar II began sending every prisoner he could to the valley. Whether it was a thief or a serial killer, it didn’t matter, there was an enormous need for hands to extract valuable raw material.


Valley of Mines – almost perfect plan


Twelve mages were also sent to surround the mines with a magical barrier through which one could enter, but an attempt to exit resulted in immediate death. This was to keep the prisoners from escaping while allowing the sending of new people and the transport of magic ore through the barrier (the barrier did not hold back inanimate objects).


Unfortunately, something went wrong! The barrier covered a much larger area than expected. Enclosing both mages and guards. The prisoners quickly took advantage of the confusion, killing the guards and seizing the entire valley.


The world of three factions


Three main groups/organizations – called camps, were created in the colony:


Old Camp – was the largest camp in the valley. Ruled by the magnate named Gomez – who got along with the king and exchanged the ore mined in the mine for food and other goods from the outside world. The old camp was also the home of fire mages.


New Camp – was a group of mercenaries led by Captain Lee. Along with the water mages, they had a plan to use the magi ore to destroy the magic barrier. So they stored it at home on a large mound.


Brotherhood of the Sleeper – was a sect founded by guru Y’Berion, worshiping an ancient being who came to them in a dream. They set up a camp in the marshes where they used the marsh herb to enter a meditative state that allowed them to develop their magic. Also, they trained guards equipped with two-handed swords and prepared together for a grand ritual aimed at awakening the sleeping deity.


Valley of Mines in Gothic 1


Gothic 1 rpg fantasy game poster


Valley of Mines is an amazing place! While playing Gothic 1, I couldn’t get over how much there is to explore. Even though the map isn’t too big.

There are three camps, there are some ruins full of skeletons. You can find:

  • harpies,
  • wolves,
  • reptiles,
  • and other dangerous animals everywhere!

And if you go too far from the camp, you will die by the hand of bloodthirsty orcs.


Apart from the camps, many characters can be found in the open air. They hunt animals, guard the passages, or have small huts that they call their home. Often they are teachers who can show us how to use a bow more efficiently or skin animals.


Gothic 2 and Gothic 2: Night of the Raven


Gothic 2 rpg fantasy game poster


After the events of Gothic 1, the valley is a completely different place. There are practically no people here, the grounds are devastated by the arriving dragons, and the ruins of the old camp are besieged by the army of orcs.


Instead of prisoners, there is an army of paladins trying to repel the enemy attack. There is no trace of the new camp and the dreamer’s brotherhood. What was left of the old camp became a shelter for knightly troops and dragon hunters.


In the modification to Gothic 1, called The Dark Secrets, a completely refreshed version of the mining valley has been introduced.