Decimation – A Xonotic Frag Movie

Decimation – A Xonotic Frag Movie

14 September 2020 0 By Birdman

Hey Hippogriffs! Do you remember Quake 3 Arena? A great shooter in which most of you (including myself!) probably lost half of their childhood? This game, right next to Unreal Tournament 2004 is one of my TOP 3 old school shooters! Well, you already know about Quake 3 Arena, and Unreal Tournament 2004, so what about the third title from this top list? I’m talking about the game Xonotic!


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What is Xonotic


I will review the game itself in a separate entry (because you can write a lot about it), but now it’s enough to say that it is a modern old school shooter.


Ok! I know that modern and old school do not go hand in hand so much, so let me explain:


Xonotic was created on the DarkPlaces engine, which is a derivative of the Quake Engine, the same on which Quake 3 Arena was made.

After the success of the Q3A, this engine was used and modified for many titles, such as OpenArena or Nexuiz. Thus, Xonotic, which uses the DarkPlaces engine, and is inspired by Quake 3 and the Unreal Tournament series, and at the same time is a fork of the Nexuiz game, it can be summarized as … Quake 3 Arena on steroids.


Yes, I know, a little confused, but take it easy, I am already preparing the entire text explaining this. In this entry, I would like to encourage you to play this title, it is available for free on Windows, Linux, OS X, and FreeBSD. And also for encouragement, I am showing you a great frag movie created by DogerXon:




(I encourage you to watch it in full screen and set the highest possible video quality)



Decimation – A Xonotic Frag Movie is the second movie created by DogerXon and published on the YouTube platform in 2020. Big applause for this player and I also encourage you to follow his channel and the development of the game itself 😉


Where to download the game?


If we are talking about Windows users, you can download the game directly from Xonotic’s website. On Linux, it should be in your distro’s repo right away, and if not, there is an instruction on how to add it. Similarly with OS X.


Link to the project website:

Link to their FAQ:

Additionally, here’s an example guide on how to install Xonotic on Linux: