CYTUS – a rhythmic miracle on our smartphones

I am not a big fan of rhythm games, but from time to time I will install something on a tablet or phone, and once it is installed and I like it, it’s worth writing something about it here. 

The game that consumed the most time and battery of my phone is:



Cytus – a musical gem from Rayark Inc.


The rhythmic game by the Taiwanese studio Rayark Games is a “must-have” for everyone who played DJmax or Stepmania. Seriously, this game took up far too much of my time than it should have!



Emobots and Cytus


A little about the plot – which surprisingly this game has! Although we mainly learn it from the description of the game on Google Play.

A distant future, a world where robots are the only remaining creatures – the last of a human memento.
Despite this, humanity itself has not ceased to exist, technology has allowed the transfer of human memories into the bodies of machines.

However, over time, old memories begin to be replaced by new ones, to prevent the loss of human memories, robots decide to transform them into music and store them in a place called Cytus, where they use it to experience human feelings and emotions.

This is the short story of Cytus.
Now let’s move on to the game itself!


The rules at Cytus are very simple:


We choose one of the available albums, then a song and we start the game, where the black line goes from top to bottom, and we have to press the notes (bubbles / balls?) Visible on the screen when it passes through them.
Also, sometimes you will have to hold the note for a while or drag your finger across the screen. Depending on the precision, combos are scored for playing without misses.
The game is not complicated, so you do not have to think about it especially, you could say that it is even quite monotonous. And yet Cytus attracted me for hours, why? Well:




I don’t think I had as much fun in any android game as here.

Banging on the tablet / phone screen, punching new combos and breaking my own records made it hard for me to break away from the game.

A person standing to the side or just reading about it may not understand it, because for them it is still simply banging on points on the screen, you have to try it yourself.



And while we’re talking about music, Cytus is divided into albums, each of which contains 10 tracks + hidden pieces (about which I will write a bit later). The music is largely electronic and instrumental, but it has also found you a place for a bit more pop and rock songs.


Everything is additionally decorated with beautiful illustrations, perfectly reflecting the atmosphere of Cytus.


Not enough?


How about the fact that almost every album has some hidden songs?


And no, we don’t unlock them by scoring some points, you have to flex a little differently. For example, the song Ververg is decorated with an illustration of a little man holding a torch, which every now and then flashes yellow light. Just wait for the light to turn orange, press it and voila! We found a hidden piece, you can see it by the fact that instead of a blue border around the word START, the border is red.


And in the song: Entrance we must … discover it yourself 😉


Cytus Million Downloads Plan – music worth a million


Rayark Games runs something like the Cytus Million Downloads Plan, where for every 100,000. game downloads (counted on Android, iOS, and PlayStation Vita), a new album is available for free, and up to 10 albums, i.e. a million downloads.

Of course, those who purchased the game already have all the pieces.

Update: Cytus Million Downloads The plan has been achieved and all songs are available in the free version.




As for PlayStation Vita, the console has a slightly modified version of the game called Cytus Lambda:



The game on android is free, only when starting the song there is a 30-second wait, during which the advertisement starts (if we have a data transfer running, otherwise we just wait 30 seconds for the fun to start), which can be skipped by buying the paid version of the game.


As we are already on shopping


As of today, there are four music albums related to the game Cytus.


  • Cytus -Prologue- which is a soundtrack from the game, available min. via iTunes or Amazon, and on the PS Vita version.
  • Cytus -Alive- is a collection of all the themes from the albums available in the game, i.e. songs that we hear when selecting an album, but are not available as playable tracks.
  • Cytus-Hindsight- and Cytus-Foresight- another collection of pieces available in the game.





Taipei 2012 – Cytus Live Concert:

A 2-hour party with people responsible for the soundtrack to the game.






Taipei 2013 – Rayark Live Concert:
A 5-hour party with songs from three Rayark Games – Cytus, Deemo, and Mandora.





If you are looking for some good android rhythm game, Cytus will hit the spot.


The game is available through Google Play.


There is also Cytus 2, which I have also played in, but not yet enough to write a review.


My review of Cytus first appeared on my dp blog back in 2014! Even though I have an inactive account there, I am glad that the review has been preserved and that you can read version 2.0!

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