BRAVE: How Pixar and Disney became Vikings

BRAVE: How Pixar and Disney became Vikings

3 września 2020 0 przez Birdman

Ok! I finally pulled myself together and watched Disney’s Brave – created by Pixar studio.
You know, those people responsible for WALL-E or Toy Story (it’s impossible not to know them). Thus, I had quite high expectations for this animation!


BRAVE: the Vikings in Disney’s performance


Disney Pixar Brave Movie


Apart from memes and quite flattering opinions on the Internet, I decided to start this movie for two reasons:


  • I have a phase on the Netflix series: Vikings (actors from the movie Warcraft I look at you!) And I watch the next seasons with my mouth open.
  • The setting of BRAVE reminds me of the old computer strategy: SAGA: Rage of the Vikings, which I played as a youngster.


Merida… The Disney Redhead


We watch a story of Princess Merida, daughter of Queen Elinor and King Fergus, currently ruling over the united Viking clans. Merida, despite many years of learning about manners and general princess know-how, prefers to grab a bow, jump on a horse and explore the surrounding forests.


Disney Pixar Brave Movie


This is how her days pass when she suddenly realizes that it’s time to get married!


Three young representatives of the Viking clans are already knocking at the gates of her castle to compete for the hand of the red-haired girl. However, as you probably already guessed, our heroine has completely different plans for this.


(un)funny triplets


Merida also has three younger brothers, Harris, Hubert, and Hamish. They act here as comic relief, inserting some funny scenes between conversations or action scenes. I have to admit, I haven’t seen such boring slapsticks in a long time and I really think this movie would be better without these characters. Really, how many gags can you watch about stealing food? And how much can you eat at all?


Disney Pixar Harris, Hubert, and Hamish


Brave is a feast for the eyes and ears


The animation has really nice scenes, especially those from the bird’s eye view: forests, mountains, a fortress on a slope above the water, everything looks great. As for character designs, it’s a matter of taste. It’s somewhere between Shrek and How To Train Your Dragon, a bit caricatured but with lots of detail. At first, I had a problem because Merida’s eyes reminded me of ragdoll buttons, but the thought quickly flew out of my mind. After that, she already seemed quite normal for a movie setting.


The soundtrack is something to really praise. During the fast-paced action, everything rumbles in our ears. As the characters creep through the dark corners of the forest, the light notes in the speakers make us feel even more into the atmosphere of the film. In short, it’s okay. It’s not Hans Zimmer, but it’s still fine!


Disney Pixar Brave Movie


A modest but good story


Most of the film is really about a mother-daughter conflict. Not too serious, of course, it’s a Disney fairy tale, not a drama, after all. Even so, the transformation both Elinor and Merida undergo is well depicted in Brave.


The characters have their own little drama, and each of them wants to achieve something. There is no damsel in distress theme here, no princess trapped in a tower to be saved. There is a very nice mother/daughter relationship and a lot of action! This is why the film and its creators Mark Andrews and Brenda Chapman deserve a big applause.


I liked the plot twist. It was funny, I did not expect this to turn out, and it directed the rest of the plot quite nicely. I definitely had more fun with it than with all the other themes/scenes.


Disney Pixar Brave Movie


I enjoyed watching the movie, the plot twist made me laugh, and when I was sure what was about to happen, something else happened. Merida is a sly redhead and you can’t dislike her.


Maybe I didn’t have the hype as on Shrek, but I’m also older, so the reception is also different. Nevertheless, I can really recommend this movie. Additionally, the magic theme was interesting and the post-credits scene was 10/10.